3's Company in Limboland

Carol,Pauline and myself decided we needed to to do something to really make us work, do something, anything which would get
us motivated.
Although Carol and I can meet up fairly often, Pauline lives in Spain, so this would also make sure that our love of stitch kept us in touch.
I remembered a little book of photographs which had been taken from the air, which my daughter had bought me many years ago.The book is divided into sections. I bought copies of the book for Carol and Pauline and now we work from that book.
Each month we chose 2 or 3 photographs from a section, then after sketching and playing, do a small piece of work either from just one of the chosen photo's or a combination of them. The work can be any medium but is not to be any bigger than A4 size, unless one of us gets really excited about a piece - it hasn't happened yet. We are now into our 4th month.